Dialogue Writing

This is my dialogue of the Language Test of 24/8.

Me- Hello Mr. Randall, how are you?

Randall- Hi, fine and you?

Me- Very good! How have you been doing at work? Is it all fine?

Randall- I love this new job. I’ve never had a better job. In fact, we are carrying out a new project that really excites me.

Me- Good news! When did you start?

Randall- Last week, on Monday. We were doing our daily work when suddenly Tom Hart, the other headteacher, gave us the idea.

Me- Had somebody helped him with this idea or did it come suddenly yo his mind?

Randall- He had been talking with an employee about this and this employee, Harry Walcott, told him about the idea of a project to recycle and help nature.

Me- When will you be finishing it?

Randall- I don’t know exactly. We will be finishing more or less in an year and a half. However, I’m sure that we will have already finished it in two years.

Me- In two years? So, in two years, I will go to the school to see the advances that you will have done.

Randall- Fair enough!

Me- Is the school going to invest on the project?

Randall- No, we are not. This project helps the environment without spending money.

Me- What does it consist of?

Randall- This project is in the students’ hands. The idea is that they organize what they drink or eat in different boxes so that it is easier for us to throw it afterwards.

Me- Excellent idea! To end this interview, what’s the name of this project?

Randall- The name is: “Green is always better”.

Me- Thank you Randall! See you.

Randall- You are welcome, see you!

My best friendship ever

This writing is separated into two tittles. This is the second tittle or part:

8 of March of 2016

Hi kid,

I hope some day you read this letter about the importance of friendship and the different kinds of friendship.

I will start telling you about my best friendship and my schoolmates. You have to know that you will have little conflicts and discussions with your classmates but these fights among you are always solved. To try always to finish these conflicts, makes you a better friend.

Now, I don´t have any bad friendship. Obviously, I have my best friends and my friends, because it doesn´t mean that all have to be your closest. I don´t have and bad relationship because I generally try to fix my problems with them and I think that, in the future, this will be good and necessary for your childhood.

This letter is written with the purpose of giving you a suggestion for the future. I recommend you to be generous, patient, try to always fix conflicts and mainly, be a good friend.

Your future dad, Matías Ripoll.


My best Friendship

This writing is divided into two titles, this is the first one:

Now i´m going to talk about my best friendship ever:

His name is Martín Barletta and he has one sister. I´ve chosen him because I think he has taken part in a good part of my life. We shared a lot of time in Las Cumbres.

Our friendship started in kinder five. I think that one of the things that I will never forget is that when we were in Kinder 5 he made this question all the time to me: “What´s your name?”.

I think that the reason of our large friendship is because of our sisters, who had also been classmates and friends.

I´ve shared a lot of experiences with him like when we had to do things in pairs and we instantly looked each of us.

The thing I like most from him is his generosity and his ability to listen to his friends. Sadly, he is starting secondary school in Paideia, as his sister did. Hopefully, we will continue seeing each other outside school.

Interview Michael Morphugo

This is the interview I´ve made with Michael Morphugo as the interviewee.

-Hi Michael.


-What did you inspire to do a book about a horse?

– I inspired with a horse because is my favorite animal.

-Had you had contact with horse, before writing this book?

– Yes I had.

– Which is your favorite scene in the book?

– When Joey and the boy meet.

– Do yo like Spielberg´s books?

-Yes, I´m a big fan of him.

-Where did you get your ideas from?

-From places, people and stories I´ve heard.

-Why did you write about war?

-Because I grew up after the WW2 and this affected me so I thought I had to do it, and I also wanted to show the universal suffering of war.

-Why did you decide to write War Horse from and Animal´s point of view?

-Because many books have been written from a human being´s point of view so I decided to do it from a neutral position so a horse would be perfect.

-War Horse has moved many people. Have you ever cried watching it or any of your films?

-Yes, many times. But, the play changes according to the time you are going through.

-Thank you very much! It was nice to meet you.

-It was a pleasure for me too!

Writing – Christian the Lion

This is a story about Christian´s point of view of the story.

I was sitting and sleeping in the grass very calmly and lonely when two men entered in the cage and bought me for five dollars. I was very happy to left that horrible place.

Years passed by and in time we started being better friends. Every time they came back home I jumped over them. I really loved these men, they were the best men I had been friend of. After a couple of years, they had to move me to a bigger place because I was too huge for the house.

After some time, I wasn´t kept in that place so I was taken to Africa. I felt that my heart had broken. I was separated from my best friends. I couldn´t believe it.

After a year in Africa, they came to visit me. The guy who was with us, told them that I wouldn´t recognize them. Finally, I surprised them when I recognized them. One day later, they left again.

Two years later, they came back again when I have already had a family. I recognized them but I had my own purposes and willings for life so I was interested in other things. The next day, I moved with my family to another place. It was the end of and era…