Crime report – Oral

On our Language class, Pilar told us to look for a crime report in a famous and known English newspaper. Then, we had to summarize the article, give our opinion and three vocabularies or terms related to crime. After all this, we should upload our complete oral to the blog. This is my crime report from the newspaper “the guardian”:


This is my oral presentation about the human trafficking of a fourteen year old girl by a Romanian couple in the UK:


For the past four months, an innocent girl by the age of fourteen and eight other women had the unfortunate experience of being trafficked to the UK. They were deceived by these traders with work offers such as waitress and shop workers. The child was menaced by the Romanian couple with her life as well as those of her parents´. She was compelled unwillingly to have sex with different men every day and obey Romanian decrees. Last week, the criminal couple was indicted of human trafficking and, therefore, sentenced to fourteen years of prison. The traffickers did not only make the victims suffer from physical abuse, as they were also mental abused by them, who adjusted their way of think and also ruined the girl´s childhood.


My opinion towards this specific case is one of admiration, as one of the women was brave and encouraged enough to escape and seek for help. Despite this fact, my judgment and personal view about this topic, in general, is one of criticism. Although they ended up alive and without any serious injuries, most of cases are not solved as this one was. The solution to end trafficking is on top of improving security all over the world, which is the main factor to stop this type of crimes, it is necessary to offer humble and poor people an alright education, so that all of us, humans, understand how are we damaging ourselves, without any proper and true motive.



    • Menaced: To be threatened.


  • Compelled: To be forced to be something violently.
  • Indicted: To be accused of, to be charged for doing sth.