Literary periods

After watching the video Pat showed us and doing some research, we we did a timeline about the different literary periods, when did they take place and their characteristics. I worked with Tomas Braun and this is our timeline.

Secondly, if I had to choose which periods do I like the best, I would choose the Renaissance, the Victorian period and the Modern age. First of all, I would choose the Renaissance(1500-1660), as we have already studied many poems from this period and I really enjoyed it. Moreover, this period includes Shakespeare which is a great writer whose works we have also studied in the past years, and whose style I really like. Moreover, I would also choose the victorian period(1837-1901). This period included the critic and questioning of many social topics and is something I also find interesting. It also includes many sentimental novels which are also interesting to read. Finally, the one I liked the most is Modernism(1914-1945). The main reason I would choose this period is because it includes war poetry. Last year, we read many war poems and stories about war poets, which I really enjoyed. For this reason, I would choose the Modern period as the best one.

All my sons – Introduction. Matías Ripoll, TOmas Braun and Gonzalo Irazusta

Arthur miller information:

  • He was born on October 17th 1915 in New York and died on February 10th of 2005.
  • He had to work in odd jobs to get money for college, as his family lost everything in  the Wall Street Crash
  • He is best known for death of a salesman.
  • With his plays, he tried to raise social awareness.
  • He was married with his college sweetheart with whom he had 2 kids. Then they divorce.
  • After his first marriage, he married Marilyn Monroe, actress and sex symbol of Hollywood.
  • Miller bareilly writed while being with Monroe, but when she died after a year of their divorce, he was criticised of capitalizing their love a lot after the drama After the fall.
  • -He debuted with The Man who Had All The Luck, which received woeful reviews
  • -3 years later, he wrote All my Sons, which was a hit and gave him his first Tony award
  • Death of a Salesman was the peak of his career, winning almost every literary award, like the Pulitzer, the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award and the Tony award
  • Miller bareilly writed while being with Monroe, but when she died after a year of their divorce, he was criticised of capitalizing their love a lot after the drama After the fall.


Individual task about all my sons:

Answer the following questions on your own. Then share what you have written with the members of your group.

  • How would you define a responsible person?

A responsible person is someone who makes decision by his own, and accepts the consequences of his own actions. It´s someone who knows how to behave and what should and should not be done, so therefore knows what are the effects of his doings.

  • Are you a responsible person? Why or why not? Give examples of people you know in your personal life or in the public domain who are responsible. How do these individuals support your definition?

I do think that I´m a responsible person as I see myself as someone who decides by himself and acts upon what he thinks. I also know that my actions have consequences and try to behave. Maybe I´m not as responsible as a grown up like my parents, for example, as I´m still a teenager. I believe my parents are responsible as they take more important decisions and conduct good behaviours, they work and know well how they have to behave and what they have to do always.

  • How does one learn to become a responsible person?
    Who are the “teachers” and where do we find them in our lives?

I believe that we behave to become a responsible person with the passing of time. First, as we grow up and mature, we learn more how we have to behave and act and start to accept the consequences of our own acts. Moreover, we become more responsible with experiences and everyday things which we undergo, as they teach us what to do in these situation. Our teachers are not only our family and professors but also our everyday experiences.

  • Is being responsible a character trait that you value a lot?
    Why or why not?

I do believe that being responsible is a valuable character trait as people need to make their own decisions, behave and do what it´s best for them and to the people thay are surrounded by. Also, it´s important as everyone needs to accepts the consequences of their actions, as people can´t act as they want and affects the others, without caring about the effects of their doings.

  • The Golden Rule is “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” What does this statement mean? Can you think of a situation in your own life in which you used this statement as the guiding principle for the action that you took? If “yes,” explain.

I think that this means that whatever you think that it´s hurtful to you and would affect you, you shouldn´t do it to another person. This means that people should act well and in the same way that they expect other people to act towards themselves. For example, sometimes it happens that a partner asks me to lend him something(a pen, a sheet of paper) and I do so. I know that if I were in his place I would like that he lent it to me, so I act in the same way that I wished the other people did upon me.