Literary periods

After watching the video Pat showed us and doing some research, we we did a timeline about the different literary periods, when did they take place and their characteristics. I worked with Tomas Braun and this is our timeline.

Secondly, if I had to choose which periods do I like the best, I would choose the Renaissance, the Victorian period and the Modern age. First of all, I would choose the Renaissance(1500-1660), as we have already studied many poems from this period and I really enjoyed it. Moreover, this period includes Shakespeare which is a great writer whose works we have also studied in the past years, and whose style I really like. Moreover, I would also choose the victorian period(1837-1901). This period included the critic and questioning of many social topics and is something I also find interesting. It also includes many sentimental novels which are also interesting to read. Finally, the one I liked the most is Modernism(1914-1945). The main reason I would choose this period is because it includes war poetry. Last year, we read many war poems and stories about war poets, which I really enjoyed. For this reason, I would choose the Modern period as the best one.

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