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In the second term, we dedicated several classes to read the story ¨The Destructors¨. We started to read it all together and debating about literary devices, which appeared all along the story. We continued reading the story in class and some at home, but always discussing what was happening and how characters were affected with the development of the story.

The story was situated in London, after war had taken place and the consequences had been left. Everytjing was destroyed, every building and street, except for one house. The story shows how war left the society broke apart, with everything and everyone destroyed, physically and psychollogically. This is also shown by the acts done and taken by Trevor and his gang. The write shows how the gang needs to destroy the last house that was left for the war, to start all over again and begin from cero. With Pato, we discussed three conflicts. The first one is that one, called construction VS destruction, showing they had to demolish the last house remianing for the society to start all over again and build everything from cero again. The second conflict was the problems on who directe the gang, as Blackie was the leader of the gang, commanding every activity and plan of the gang, until Trevor arrived and proposed the demolishment of Old Misery´s house, acquiring leadership. The last conflict which we discussed was the one of Trevor with his one self. He belonged to a wealthy and well-educated family and as he belonged to this gang, he wanted to do things improper of him, showing this internal conlflict he had with himself, with his history and his wish of belonging to the gang. After discusing these conflicts and the story, we had to answer five questions in pairs. This is the work I did with Tomás Braun.

I really enjoyed reading this stroy as it was very catching. As we were reading the story, it became more catching and interesting, as each class one of this three conflicts appeared. Moreover, the fact that we discussed the story all together, exchanging opinions and points of view, helped a lot to understand even more the story and each confclit. In addition, all along the story, the writer is constantly adding suspense, causing intrigue and will to keep reading. This is another reason why I enjoyed reading this story. Finally, the fact that the questions were answered in pairs, helped me both in the questionnaire and for the term test, as I understood thanks to my partner, things I maybe wouldn´t have.


I could connect the conflict of constructions VS destruction with something that happens to me, and I do belive tha to many people in our lives. They needed to destroy Old Misery´s house, the last standing house, for the society to be built from cero again, and to start it development as one. I do belive that this happens to me. When we are sad or aren´t undergoing a great moment, in order to start al over again and begin to recover and feel better, sometimes we need to unload and discharge what we have left, as the gang did with the house. I felt identified with this conflict as its common that people after maybe crying a lot or discharging all the anger or sadness can overcome a difficult situation, similar to what happened to the society, which had been destroyed by the war.


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