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About two weeks ago, Pato told us to look for an image we had taken and that we liked. Based on this image, we should first look for five nouns, five adjectives and five verbs which could be seen or could be related to this image. After doing this, we should make two literary devices about this image. With the literary devices, the nouns, adjectives and verbs, we should make our own poem, as we liked. Although it was a very open activity, with plenty of choices and options to do, it was a little bit complex and difficult, but much more entertaining and fun, for myself. I chose a picture I had taken one week before in Independiente´s stadium. After selecting everything Pato told us to, I wrote the following poem, showing and trying to show in it how passionate I and every Independiente fan is for the club, and how every match is lived in the LDA.


I really enjoyed performing this activity. To begin with, I liked the fact that I could do it individually, as I could express and write whatever I wanted about, without needing to consult and ask someone else if they agreed. Although sometimes writing essays or doing works in pairs helps to exchange ideas and complement each other, I´m really glad this activity was individual, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to express fully as I wished. Moreover, the fact the option and task was so open and free to choose was also great, as I could write about my passion and however I wanted to. I really enjoyed writing this poem and didn’t see it like a task or a work, but as a way of putting in words something I really enjoyed doing every weekend. Also, changing and doing different activities is always nice instead of doing always the same things. Having the chance of varying is enjoyable and fun, and even more if we are able to use things we have learnt to express ourselves about whatever we like or want. 

This is my work.

I could relate and connect this activity with two things. On the one hand, the most obvious one is my passion, football and Independiente. As it was about what my poem was about, a lot of memories and moments came to my head when writing the poem. I had plenty of things to connect and express about and this is thanks to how much I love playing football and going to this stadium. When I was writing the poem I felt as if I was in the stadium, chanting and cheering up the players, feeling the atmosphere and climate. 


On the other hand, I could also relate this with an activity we did with our Art teacher in the first term. In this one, we had to choose a picture we liked of ourselves doing something that we liked, draw it and finally develop why we had picked that picture and why we liked what we were doing. It made me remember about this activity, as first we were free to choose a picture we liked or something we enjoyed doing, and also the freedom to do whatever we wanted was the same in both activities. Finally, both in the literature and art activity we had to describe in some way why we liked this picture o why we chose it.

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