Is it art?

Some classes ago, after reading about Marcel Duchamp´s story, a discussion about if his urinal was art or not started. He claimed it was and gave several arguments supporting his positions is Duchamp´s urinal and readymade ART?


From my perspective and point of view, Marcel Duchamp´s readymade and urinal IS ART. An artwork needs to have a true message and sense for the author and person who created it, not to the rest one. Duchamp claimed it really ahd a true meaning for him, showing that he is doing it for a reason, other than money or fame. Moreover, art is based on creativity, new ideas and innovation, and what he did, not only had a message, but was innovative, unique and special. That is art. Something to become doesn´t need the approval from the resto of the people who have no idea about what made the artist to do it. Something tbecomes art as long as the artist considers it, according to what that piece of art means to him or her, and what made him create it. As Duchamp developed and claimed, the ¨readymade¨ was an invention, and unique and new ideas are pieces of art. Artworks also tend to transmit messages to people and the audience, as well as Duchamp´s urinal, which had a message and also an audience to transmit the message to. Finally, and to end, the urinal was something useless, an everyday object which Duchamp managed to turn and change into something new. Its innovative and unique and is still remembered with the passing of years, showing it is an artwork.

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