Artwork analysis

Matías Ripoll



  1. Look for a definition of “Art” written by a well-known artist, writer, philosopher, thinker or musician, of any time. Write it down and specify the author.
  2. Observe the artwork of different media, form contemporary artists, presented in class. You can see it again by checking the blog:
    a)Choose the artwork that you think matches the art definition in question 1. Justify. b)Choose the artwork that you liked best.  
  3. Answer the following questions regarding the artwork chosen in question 2b.
    a)What is it made of? Specify media (if it is a painting, sculpture, performance, installation, illustration, etc.) and technique.
    b)What is represented? Describe the figures, images, what do they look like? Are they realistic, hyper-realistic, figurative or abstract?
    c)How is it represented?
    i. Composition: describe the organization of elements in the image (Where are they and how much space are they occupying).
    ii. Colour palette: describe the group of colours used, not naming each one separately but what identifies them as a group (cool, warm, light, dark, pastels, bright, saturated, de-saturated, complementary, contrast or no contrast, monochromatic, achromatic and/or polychromatic).
    d) How do you look at it? Describe where you look first and how your gaze moves around the piece, and explain why.
    e) How does it make you feel? Why? Describe your feelings, explain which visual resources you believe are triggering those feelings and why.
    f) What do you think is the meaning or message of the artwork? Explain with your own words what you believe the artwork is expressing, what topic it is referring to and the message or comment behind it. 
  4. Associate the analyzed piece of art in question 3 with a song. How are they related? What elements in the song can be considered similar to the visual art piece? Explain. 
  5. Together with all your classmates make a playlist in spotify with all the chosen songs. 
  1. ¨Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time¨- Thomas Merton, the American religious writer.
  2. a)

I think that this drawing is a clear representation of the definition I looked. The artwork shows an abstract figure which could really mean something to the author, such us what he is, what he likes to do or if it represents something to him, which makes reference to the first part of the quote ¨art enables us to find ourselves¨. However, as it´s also very creative and abstract we can also see ow the author ¨loses himself¨, going beyond the limits of concrete figures and loosening himself and his feelings. 

b)This is the drawing I liked the most:



  1.   This artwork was done using painting by Cinta Vidal, a Spanish painter, who was born in 1982 and started painting at the age of sixteen. It’s an illustrated painting, as most of her works, mainly caused by the fact that Vidal studied in the school ¨escuela Massana de Barcelona¨ an illustration training course, which helped her to develop this type of painting.
  2. In this drawing, a white house can be seen, which contains several blue and green entrances, windows and balconies. Moreover, the painting shows a person in a balcony of the house.  As this are all real structures, we can say that the painting has a realistic side. However, we can see that the house has no ground and base, as every front and end is filled with a balcony, window or entrance, and it has no straight base which could be attached to the ground. This also shows something that’s not real, so we can´t state whether it’s real or not, showing that the painting it´s hyper-realistic. 
  3. i. If we refer to the composition of the painting, it has several elements. we can see behind the house a light brown background which shows different shades and tones of colours. In the middle of the painting we can see a house, containing several elements belonging to it, such as windows, balconies, doors, roofs. in addition, the drawing of the background and it´s colour and shades are similar to a floor made of wood, which can be understood and interpreted as the floor of the house. The connection between the background and the house, together with the different parts of the house, gives us an unified image.                                                                                   ii. The group of colour used is bright and light, showing a clear and vivid image of the house. Moreover, the colours are saturated as the painting shows colour and a vivid image rather than a dark side. Finally, as several colours are used to create this bright and light image it’s a polychromatic painting. 
  4. From my perspective and experience of analysing the painting, I do believe that the first thing which is seen is the house as a whole, the center of the house. Later on, you start getting into details, such as the windows, the roof, the plants hanging at the sides of the house, the balconies and even the person standing in this balcony. Finally, once the details of the house have been detected, you reach the outer parts of the painting, the light-brown background. 
  5. In my opinion, this painting transmits feelings of tranquility and calmness. It makes you feel secure, safe and cool. I do think that this is mainly caused by the light colours, which transmit coolness as they are soft. In addition, the image of the house also contributes to this idea of calmness and tranquility as our home is the place where we feel safe and secure, while being with the people we love, our family. 
  6. I think that the message and meaning of the artwork is the idea of how our home is the place which provides us with tranquility and calmness. Everyday we run from one place to another, rushing and always nervous but always when we arrive home we feel this calmness and safeness of being at our own place with ur family, which is  shown in the painting. It’s shown in the whole idea of the house, the bright and light colours of the house and the tranquility of the person standing in the balcony, which seems thoughtful and reflective. 

4) The song that I’ve chosen to relate to the analysed picture of question 3 is ¨Home¨ by Phillip Phillips. In this song, the voice and singer talks to another person, transmitting calmness and tranquility by saying phrases like ¨just know you are not alone¨, ¨I´m going to make this place your home¨ and ¨don’t pay no mind to the demons they fill you with fear¨. These three quotes try to make the other person feel safe and secure, which can be clearly related to the painting of Vidal, which uses light colours and an image of a home(safeness) to transmit this feeling of being calm. Finally, the rhythm and voice used to sing chosen by the author also it´s of joy and brightness, rather than of disappointment or fear. 



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