Art as a form of creation-final work

Art as a form of creation


Final work


  • Choose a conflict that exists today
  • Explain: Participants, conflict and objective
  • Find a poem, text, song, article, text, etc. which talks about the conflict.
  • Suggest a solution


Conflict: Instability in Venezuela


The main participants and members of Venezuela’s crisis are Maduro and his government, people in Venezuela and the opposition lead by Guaido. The financial crisis, the scarcity of basic products, the rising of unemployment lead to a huge migration to other countries as well as horrific living conditions of Venezuelan people. Hyperinflation, corruption, low productivity and competition as well as a decrease in oil prices also contributed to the disaster suffered by people in Venezuela, whose minimum salary is of eight dolars per month. Maduro’s harsh and corrupt government lead to several repressions and attacks on Venezuelans, who seek for a better economic situation and a change of president.


The opposition is lead by Guaido, the actual president of the national assembly of Venezuela and the recognised president of Venezuela, despite Maduro´s resistance to hold power. Juan Guaidó is focused and aims to oust Maduro from the presidency, due to the difficulties and hardships he has provided and caused to the country and its population. The authoritarian government is not only opposed by Guaidó, venezuelan people and other countries, but also by parts of the military, which can result in a military intervention to Maduro’s government and end with the suffering of the people. The support acquired by Guaidó from Venezuelan people shows that terms of democracy have been broken, as people are unwilling to continue with Maduro’s government and his authoritarian regime, but to stop with such harsh living conditions and achieve economic prosperity again.


The solution to this problem and disaster which people in Venezuela undergo is a change of president, either by Maduro´s own will or throughout a military intervention. It´s clear that people in venezuela can’t continue to resist such a huge crisis, which combines both repressions and violence with economic problems, scarcity and a financial crisis. The consequences of the authoritarian regime on people are severe and this is why the best solution is a change in the presidency.


This article, written by the bbc, explains and develops with detail the situation in Venezuela. It shows the participants, what they look for and the conflict. Moreover, it explains how the conflict escalated and the consequences it had on people, showing how horrible and harsh the situation is in Venezuela.

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