Inversion – Poem

Last class, Pilar told us to look for a poem which included inversion, as this is the topic we have been studying. This is the poem I chose, which includes the inversion “little did we know”.

Who knew you and I would be in this place.
I still remember the day we met.
You caught my eye and said hey, I said hello.
Soon enough we were best friends.
Little did we know…

My hand would be in yours
You’d be putting your arms around me, holding me close
And promising never to left go,
You’d be the one I would trust with my life
Little did we know we just might fall in love.

You asked me to be yours and it all started.
I was too young to feel something real,
To me it was a fling, but to you it was more
When you told me you loved me
I got scared and broke your heart.
I left you behind,
Little did I know…

You’d hang on.
You’d still be the hand I could hold when I was down
You’d be the shoulder I’d cry on
You promised we’d always be friends
And you would always be one I could trust
Little did I know I was falling in love.

It took me a long time,
But I realized I made a mistake in letting you go
You were everything I could ever want
All I hoped is you could take a chance on me again
Little did I know…

You felt the same.
You would put my hand in yours,
You’ve never wanted anything more than to put your arms around me
And hold me close, never letting go.
Little did I know you would take a chance on me

Now I see
I had broken the heart of a boy
Who will always be there to put mine back together.
My hand will always be in yours,
You will put your arms around me and never let go.
I can trust you more than I can trust myself.
Now we know, we’re in love