HIstory – Conversation of the Big Three

Some weeks ago, we started reading about the Big Three, what did they wanted as a compensation, their views about the fourteen points and which punishment did they want for Germany.

Luz Esteban, Tomás Braun and I did this conversation about the tasks already written:

This is the conversation downloaded in a PDF so that you can follow it while listening the conversation.

Finally, what I think about this project is that it was different from the normal ones and it was good to do it because I feel that I had learnt more because when you record the conversation you understand what you are saying and this makes you learn more about it.

The thing that I liked the most about this project is what I´ve just said, that reading the topic, analyzing it, writing the dialogue, checking the mistakes and finally recording it, makes you know a lot about it and this helps you also for the term test or If you are having an exam about it, because you remember a lot from what you have read, analyzed, wrote, checked and recorded.

If I would have to change something from this project if the class from Senior 1 next year were going to do it again, I wouldn´t change anything from the project, however, I would add, in a lesson, a moment in which we share and correct each of them so that we can understand what we have done wrong and what we have to improve from the three tasks.

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