Essay Writting – Games at Twilight


Essay Question: In “Games at Twilight” mood and atmosphere play an important role. Comment closely on this.

Hot weather/suffocation/oppression
Veranda/happy/feel free
Ravi In the shed -Victorious
-Not innocent
Ravi´s feelings: Shed furniture.
Symbols: Shed/Weather
-Outside the shed kids are playing another game
– “You are dead”

In this story written by Anita Desai the mood changes. Focusing on Ravi´s feelings, the narrator explains and describes the moody atmosphere.

At the beginning, the author describes the suffocating weather which anticipates the plot and its development. To express this, he uses deathly adjectives such as “Oppressing” and “suffocating”. The description of the birds: “Still drooped”, fruits: “dead”, squirrels: “lay limp”, dogs: “lay stretched” makes the reader feel the atmosphere of death.

The mood first changes when Ravi enters the shed. He starts feeling scared because of the “ Dark”, “Depressing mortuary”, “Yellow dust” and “spooky” shed. This horrifying place made the kid feel different emotions such as “fear” and “weirdness”. In addition, Ravi´s feelings about Raghu change from being a threat to protection, this means, that, at first, he wanted Raghu to be away because if not he would find him. Later on, he realizes that he is in a horrifying place and Ravi feels protected or sheltered by Raghu.

When he gets out of the shed, the second and last change of mood happens. This kid realizes that it was “twilight” and he has to get out of that odd place. When he goes to “touch the den”, he learns that he is not so important for everyone and his “insignificance”, which means that none of his friends cared about his existence. Those feelings are connected to the theme; growing up and maturing is painful. The deathly and gloomy adjectives are used to express the kid’s death of childhood and Innocence.

All in all, the mood changes throughout the story showing and comparing Ravi´s feelings with the mood and atmosphere.


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