HIstory – Conversation of the Big Three

Some weeks ago, we started reading about the Big Three, what did they wanted as a compensation, their views about the fourteen points and which punishment did they want for Germany.

Luz Esteban, Tomás Braun and I did this conversation about the tasks already written:

This is the conversation downloaded in a PDF so that you can follow it while listening the conversation.

Finally, what I think about this project is that it was different from the normal ones and it was good to do it because I feel that I had learnt more because when you record the conversation you understand what you are saying and this makes you learn more about it.

The thing that I liked the most about this project is what I´ve just said, that reading the topic, analyzing it, writing the dialogue, checking the mistakes and finally recording it, makes you know a lot about it and this helps you also for the term test or If you are having an exam about it, because you remember a lot from what you have read, analyzed, wrote, checked and recorded.

If I would have to change something from this project if the class from Senior 1 next year were going to do it again, I wouldn´t change anything from the project, however, I would add, in a lesson, a moment in which we share and correct each of them so that we can understand what we have done wrong and what we have to improve from the three tasks.

Recursos Naturales

Hoy, en nuestra clase de Geografía, Pablo, nos pidió que desarrollemos un texto en el que expresemos: ” Por que razón son tan importantes los recursos naturales y cual es el riesgo de nuestro de su agotamiento”.

Como bien dice el libro y el slideshare que preparamos con Pablo, no todos los elementos naturales son recursos naturales. Esto es así, porque un elemento natural, para convertirse en un recurso natural, tiene que ser considerado de esta manera por la sociedad, satisfaciendo sus necesiades. Estas necesiades sociales que determinan que sea valorizado de esta manera son: el abrigo, la vivienda, la alimentación, la energía, entre otras.

Además, el libro y el video nos cuenta, los recursos naturales pueden ser renovables o no renovables que depende en el tiempo y como se regeneran  y agotables o inagotables que depende si son explotados con una velocidad mayor a la velocidad de regenración o simplemente si son inacabables.

Estos recursos naturales son, en mi opinión, indispensables para la sociedad. Yo pienso esto porque permiten que podamos satisfacer nuestras necesidades.

Los recursos naturales, se pueden usar de dos maneras:

Primero, para obtener un tipo de bienes como el mar que es una fuente de alimentos, o también, pueden usarse para obtener otro tipo de objetos.

Si no existieran los recursos naturales, que como mencionan el video, el artículo de conicet, el libro y el video indirectamente mostrándo para todas las cosas que se usan, no podríamos satisfacer nuestras necesidades. De esta manera, nuestra supervivencia sería imposible. Esto quiere decir, que nuestra vida, sin la existencia de los recursos naturales, correría riesgo.

Essay Writting – Games at Twilight


Essay Question: In “Games at Twilight” mood and atmosphere play an important role. Comment closely on this.

Hot weather/suffocation/oppression
Veranda/happy/feel free
Ravi In the shed -Victorious
-Not innocent
Ravi´s feelings: Shed furniture.
Symbols: Shed/Weather
-Outside the shed kids are playing another game
– “You are dead”

In this story written by Anita Desai the mood changes. Focusing on Ravi´s feelings, the narrator explains and describes the moody atmosphere.

At the beginning, the author describes the suffocating weather which anticipates the plot and its development. To express this, he uses deathly adjectives such as “Oppressing” and “suffocating”. The description of the birds: “Still drooped”, fruits: “dead”, squirrels: “lay limp”, dogs: “lay stretched” makes the reader feel the atmosphere of death.

The mood first changes when Ravi enters the shed. He starts feeling scared because of the “ Dark”, “Depressing mortuary”, “Yellow dust” and “spooky” shed. This horrifying place made the kid feel different emotions such as “fear” and “weirdness”. In addition, Ravi´s feelings about Raghu change from being a threat to protection, this means, that, at first, he wanted Raghu to be away because if not he would find him. Later on, he realizes that he is in a horrifying place and Ravi feels protected or sheltered by Raghu.

When he gets out of the shed, the second and last change of mood happens. This kid realizes that it was “twilight” and he has to get out of that odd place. When he goes to “touch the den”, he learns that he is not so important for everyone and his “insignificance”, which means that none of his friends cared about his existence. Those feelings are connected to the theme; growing up and maturing is painful. The deathly and gloomy adjectives are used to express the kid’s death of childhood and Innocence.

All in all, the mood changes throughout the story showing and comparing Ravi´s feelings with the mood and atmosphere.


Rite of passage – Tomás Braun, Francisco Montoya y Matías Ripoll

[yop_poll id=”-3″]RITE OF PASSAGE

Games at twilight:


1-Ravi wants to be mature, win the game and be like the older kids.

2-Ravi hides in the shed, he passed the limits of the Veranda and porch that her mother had previously put.

3-The dare in this story happens when Ravi has to deal to hide in the spooky, odd and queer shed.

4-No element number four.

5-No element number five.

Conclusion: He didn’t mature nor complete the rite of passage.



1- Tommy’s unreachable thing is to save the girl from being a thief. He thinks that his life has a purpose but he doesn’t understand that the one that needs help is him.

2- Tommy’s trespassing moment is when he bought a slot machine without asking Rosa or her father.

3- Tommy’s dare is to save the girl from being a thief. He thinks that his life has a purpose now.

4- There is no element four because he didn’t confess with matureness. He hit Rosa lika an immature.

5- There is no element five because he didn’t understand that the girl is just a girl and not a thief and he is the one that needs help.

Conclusion: He didn’t mature nor comple the rite of passage.



Games at twilight:

1- ‘”You are dead” he said with satisfaction.’ This foreshadows Ravi’s death of innocence and chilhood in the end.

The chanting that the kids are doing outside the shed foreshadows that they dont care about him.

When Ravi hears tha Manu has been caught that foreshadows that he will be the next.

Prison: When Tommy starts thinking that he wants to grab the girl by the neck, it foreshadows when Rosa grabs the girl by the neck.

Specular moment:

Games at Twilight: The specular moment in this story happens when Manu was caught by Raghu and Ravi realises that he was the next one, that he had no escape. He started to feel panic. He knew that he was going to be the next because Manu was the smallest and he was the next one.

Prison: “He felt he ought to do someting for her, warn her to cut it out before she got trapped and fouled up her life before it got started”. This quotations shows how Tommy sees her future reflected on his life. He wanted to warn her because she would end up being a thief. However, he couldn’t see the truth, he was the one who needed help.



Games at Twilight: One of the epiphanies in Games at Twilight happens at the end, when Ravi realises that he was a kid, that none of his friends care about him and that he had to mature.

Also, when he ralizes that he has been daydreaming and that he has to get out of the shed and go and touch the den.

Prison: The epiphanic moment in Prison happens when Tommy realises that his mind was a prison. He couldn’t get out of it and take his own decisions. He didn’t have the faith nor security to do it. A great quotation which explains it is this one: “You could never see the sky outside or the ocean because you were in a prison, except nobody called it a prison”. This happens when he is about to fell asleep.

Descripción de Beth


Capítulo 5 del libro Crímenes Imperceptibles de Guillermo Martínez.

A) Releer el final del capítulo 5.
B) Extraer 3 citas que aporten datos acerca de la personalidad de Beth.
C) Escribir, a partir de la información, un texto de 150 palabras en el que describas a Beth(Incluyendo las citas)
•  1- “Estabas estudiando -dijo-. No quisiera interrumpirte”.
•  2- “Soy la persona que más deseaba verla muerta, mucho más, estoy segura, que quienquiera que la haya matado”.
•  3- “Parecía consumida por los nervios; las manos le temblaban inconteniblemente”.

Beth, la joven nieta de la señora Mrs. Eagleton, era una chica educada que solía preocuparse por los intereses de los demás. Podemos percibir esto a través de esta cita: “Estabas estudiando -dijo-. No quisiera interrumpirte”.
Además, la cita “Soy la persona que más deseaba verla muerta, mucho más, estoy segura, que quienquiera que la haya matado” demuestra que ella estaba cansada de su abuela y sentía que estaba atada a su vida y debía comenzar a hacer la suya.
Finalmente, Martínez usa la frase “Parecía consumida por los nervios; las manos le temblaban inconteniblemente” para transmitirnos que ella era una chica que solía ponerse nerviosa en este tipo de momentos y, de esta manera, sería fácil percibir si ella tuvo algo que ver con la muerte de Mrs. Eagleton.


Hoy, intercambiamos clase con Language y nos quedamos un tiempo mas para empezar a probar respecto al diseño.

Nos pudimos dar cuenta de muchas cosas:

Primero, que es mejor usar muchas capas porque no solamente es mas resistente, sino que también, al arrugarse le da un buen toque al diseño, en cambio, si son pocas capas, no queda bien.

También, nos dimos cuenta que hay varios tipos de plásticos que no pueden ser mezclados ya que no se pegan.

Decidimos cuanto tiene que medir de largo y de ancho(25X35) para que puedan entrar muchas cosas. Todavía no está decidido el tamaño, por la razón de que no sabemos si todo los que los chicos tienen en sus cartucheras les entraría. Por eso, le dimos a Ramiro una prueba para que se fije, con las cosas de su hermano, si es accesible el tamaño.

En esta clase, además, pudimos empezar a darnos cuenta cuanto tiempo y con cuanta presión o guerza deberíamos impulsar al tratar de pegar los plásticos con la plancha.

Finalmente, en cuanto a las próximas clases, surgió una idea de que era mejor, para no estar tan desorganizados como hoy, separar en cajas distintos tipos de formas de papel para, en el momento de diseñar, ya tener todo listo.

Tecnología – Proyecto

Hoy en la clase de Tecnología definimos que el producto sería una cartuchera que no sea tan granfr y pueda actuar también como una funda.

En mi opinión, yo sugiriría una cartuchera en forma de cajita y que puedas abrirlo y cerrarlo de manera de que no se te caigan como en una sin tapa y, también, que no se trabe como un cierre que, además, es mas caro.

También, yo pienso, que estaría bueno que sea con encargo ya que en las entrevistas, pudimos ver que a la mayoría de los chicos les gustaba ser originales con sus propios diseños.



Today in the class of Language we played a game with vocabulary in groups and after it, Laura, told us to do this activity:

For the following words find:

1)A definition

2)An example

3)An image

4)A video(if possible).

This is what I´ve found:


1)A light stroke with the hand.

2)He gave Joey a friendly pat.



1)To walk with faster pace.

2)Joey trotted in the large space he had.



4) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7qIPlnjABA


1) To walk in a structured or military way.

2) Joey marched for several minutes.






1)To have one´s head fall forward when drowsy or asleep.

2) Joey was nodding before Albert´s father entered.





1) To look keenly or with difficult at someone or something.

2) Joey peered Albert´s father.




1)To smell by short inhalations.

2)While Joey was marching, he could sniff the smell of damp dirt.




1)The cry of a horse.

2)Joey neighed a lot when he was separated from his mother.




-Toss up:

1)To vomit.

2)While Joey was being transported by ship, he felt sick all the trip and he tossed up sometimes.


toss up


1)to move along by twisting and turning the body.

2)When the three man caught Joey, he tried to whisk out by kicking and wriggling.





The Paris Peace Conference

[yop_poll id=”-3″]The Paris Peace Conference




1) War guilt.Explain the arguments FOR and AGAINST this term.

2) Which term followed War Guilt? How much would it be today? What consequences/impact did it have on Germany?

3) Why were the victors planning to prevent a future war with Germany in the Treaty?

4) What territorial losses did Germany have to face? What happened to the German colonies? What did Wilson dislike about this?

5) Which new nations were created after WW1?



1) The argument of “ War Guilt” meant that Germany was blameworthy for the war. The argument which for or in the side of it is that in late July, early August of 1914, it didn´t take so much for Germany to declare war on Russia, then on France and finally invade Belgium. This means that Germany was eager to do this.  An argument which is against it says that she didn´t start the war, that there were other events such as the assassination of the Archduke, the great rivalry between Austria-Hungary and Serbia or even the mobilization of Russia which made, for the people against this term, start the war.


2) Because of all the damage that Germany had caused, she had to pay it with reparations in money, gold and resources. They had to pay 400B dollars in two thousand thirteen money because of the growth of the value of the dolar. People make questions not only if this reparations affected Germany in the Economy but also how humiliating for them was. Also, the victors, limited the quantity of soldiers and prohibited the use of any kind of military artillery.


3) The reason of why did the victors were planning to prevent a future war with Germany in the treaty is because, maybe, in the future, Germany would grow in strengthen and want revenge over them.


4) Germany had to face the lost of Poland, who cut of Germany into two pieces and also a lot of colonies around the world, in Africa, in the Pacific and they even had a colony in China which was given, joined with their others colonies, to the allies. Wilson Woodrow dislikes the distribution of the territory from one Empire to the other one because he wanted those territories to have self-determination.
5) The end of WW1 made Empires such as the Russian and the A-H disappear. Also, a lot of treaties established the independence of new countries, however, the countries which the video mentions that appear at the end of WW1 were: Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and some countries of Eastern Europe which would, later, become part of the URSS.