First Essay Writing – History

This is my First Essay Writing of History. The following essay is about the causes which led to the start of the First World War.


  Final Version: First Essay Writing


           The Essay question asks and challenges us to explain how far do we agree with this statement. To justify my opinion I will explain how the Naval Race contributed to the First World War and compare the Naval Race with the Short Term causes first and then with the Long term causes.


            The Naval Race was a very important cause that led to the First World War because it created a lot of tension, however, it wasn’t the only or main cause for it to start. In my opinion, the Alliances were the most important because they made a whole and big chain in war, this means that if a rivalry started between two countries, it wasn´t only between them it was between all the alliances they had also. For example, in the First Moroccan Crisis, Great Britain intervened between Germany and France due to the Anglo-French Entente. As a result, many countries finally participated and interfered.

             The murder at Sarajevo had a great impact to the war. The value of this cause is that this assassination of Franz Ferdinand, finally marked the start of WW1. All the tension which was kept on the powerful countries was released after the Murder at Sarajevo.

             The arms race as well as the First and Second Moroccan Crisis created rivalries and tension. This is how these causes contributed to war. Tension and rivalries are important elements that led to the WW1. This rivalry was between France and Great Britain against Germany. Tension was made by all the events which happened in the First and Second Moroccan Crisis for example when Germany sent to Agadir a gunboat and also for all those attacks that had been prepared like the Schlieffen Plan and the Plan XVII.

             The Balkans were a very dangerous place on the map. This was because of all the tension and rivalries that were between the ethnic groups and because many countries wanted the Balkans territory because it had a very strategic position.

             A very important cause from the Long Term Causes was the Unification Of Germany. Germany was a Growing Empire. They were a very important Empire because they had a great rivalry with France and Great Britain. As a Growing Empire, they wanted to conquer and expand. For this reason, they participated in a lot of causes like the First and Second Moroccan Crisis, The Naval and Arms Race, The Balkans Crisis, Imperialism and also she was involved in the Triple Alliance.

              Another Cause that contributed to WW1 was Imperialism. My point of view of this cause is that without it the WW1 wouldn’t have started. This is because without the Growing, Decaying and Established Empires like the German, The British,  the French or the Austro-Hungarian no tension and no rivalries were made so this means that Imperialism had a huge impact.

               The Franco-Prussian war and Nationalism, both, contributed to the war in the same way. They both made tension and rivalries. The Franco-Prussian war started tension and a rivalry between Germany and France. In addition, this cause made Germany think in the Arms Race that France was an accessible and simple target. Nationalism also made tension and rivalries between the ethnic groups which fought between them.

                Finally, the cause which did not influence so much in this war was the Unification of Italy because Italy only was involved in the Triple Alliance.


                All in all, although the Naval Race was a very important cause it wasn’t the only or main cause. They all contributed to war in a way but, my impression is that the Alliances contributed in a bigger way to this war to start.

Essay Literature – S1 and S2

This is the Essay of Passion by Kathleen Raine that Silvestre, Otto and I did together.


Essay: Passion


In this poem the writer shows us how she uses nature to express how she feels about love. Her sad and depressing thoughts about love and life are changed with the help of nature. And in the following paragraph these ideas are going to be developed.


At the beginning of the poem, the woman of the story feels pain and that love is unfair and painful. Also, inside her the chaos torments her mind. A quote that proves this is: “Waiting for the longed-for voice to speak Through the mute telephone” This expresses that the woman is depressed and desperate because she was waiting for a call that finally did not appear. Another extract of the text that states this is: “My body grew weak” This means that she not only suffers psychologically, but also physically. Finally, this excerpt confirms all her depression: “ With the well-known and mortal death, heartbreak”. As we just said, this quote tells us that she feels a lot of pain.


In the fourth stanza, nature makes her change her point of view about love and life through personification. The sky says to her:“You have what you desire”. This means that she already had what she wanted, to be surrounded by nature.The extract of the poem “This your nature is” means that nature and she are one, that nature gives her all the love she needs and desires. Finally, this quote: “And all is light, love and eternity” expresses that the lady has to stand up and continue her life because life has ups and downs and that love is wonderful and positive. This second part of the poem tells us that nature helped the woman to realize that life and love is amazing.


To conclude, you read about how the writer uses nature to express the woman’s feelings about love. At first she was suffering and very depressed but then nature influenced on her and she changes her opinion.

By Otto, Silvestre and Matías.