Games at Twilight by Anita Desai

Anita Desai:

  • She was born in June 24th of 1937.
  • She is an Indian writer.
  • Anita Desai started to write at the age of seven.
  • This woman published her first novel, Cry, the peacock, in 1963.
  • From all the languages she knows she has always preferred to write in English.
  • In 1975 she won an award for the novel named Where Shall We Go This Summer.
  • She was born to a German mother and a Bengali father.

Twilight symbolizes two things that are opposites that in one moment they can be joined and be together. An example is the day and the night. At one specific time, the sunset, they are both, the day and the night, present.

Bloated: Something that is inflated.

Choke: To suffocate someone.

Stirred: To disturb or be active.

Sizzling: Something that is baking or burning.

Shrieks: To shout or yell.

In the first page of this story the weather was not cool, it was a very sunny day and you could feel the air of the place. The next afternoon It was too hot and to bright. It was an arid time of day and the air was sizzling.

This is the Scrapbook we made with Pato in the class about the first page of Games at Twilight.


After finishing the reading of the story, we made this Scrapbook in which we analyze Games at Twilight written by Anita Desai:


Page 22 and 23 of booklet. Activities by Rama, Álvaro and I.

Some themes and Issues for this story are:

-Childhood experiences.

-Effects of environment.



-Feeling insignificance.

Ex 1- She expresses the atmosphere of the story with adjectives which symbolize death. The author wants to show us how suffocating the weather was for them.

Ex 2-

-Mira: Our impressions about Mira are, first that she was the most mature girl of the group. Secondly, she solved all the problems between them and also she always organized the games for them. She did all this acts because of her motherly attitudes.

-Manu: Our impression about Manu is that he was the youngest boy of the group and also the unexperienced and innocent. Because of this reason that he was the youngest, he was inspired by the elders and felt unsure.

Raghu: Our impression about Raghu is that he was the oldest of the kids. Raghu was admired by all the children, but Ravi was the one who admired him the most because of his footballer legs. Finally, he was the bully of the group because he hit the younger ones.


A-  Ravi, when he entered to the Shed, he felt scared, incomfortable and very nervous because Raghu was near him.

B- The Shed was described with death adjectives. Some of them are Gloomy, Odd, Weird and Dark. Ravi felt forgotten as the things which were inside the shed so, this symbolizes that Ravi was as important as the things inside the shed.

C- Ravi´s feeling about managing to escape from Raghu was victorious. Ones he entered to the shed he realized that Raghu was a company and protection


A- His feeling were ugly, disgusting, horrifying, creepy and shocking because of the rats, spiders and insects which were in the shed and he could not see because of the darkness of the place.

B- While Ravi was daydreaming of his future won, the kids outside the shed were having fun and enjoying while they played another game.

C- Ravi´s thoughts about his “victory” against Raghu were self-congratulating because he would win to the eldest and the one he admire the most so, for him, this would be an incredible and amazing action.


A-  When twilight was approaching, he felt abandoned, ignored, miserable and insignificant. At this time of the story he realized that something was wrong.

B- Ravi felt dissapointed and realized he had been forgotten and he was insignificant for the others because they had started playing another game.

C- Firstly, they didn’t recognize him but after a minute they remembered who he was and they told him not to be crybaby and to join them to play another game.

D- They were chanting and making an arc with their arms. This affected him in the way that he thought he was going to be win and be the hero, however, he realized that nobody cared about him and he was not important for them.


A- He has learned that growing is painful and that he wasn’t so important for everyone. Also he has learned that life has good things and bad things, ups and downs. He realized that this was a part of the cycle of life.

B- The ending of the story represents a complete reversal for Ravi and his hopes because when he was in the shed he imagined that he was going to win and to be a hero but, at the end, when he realized that they were playing another game and they had forgotten him he felt dissapointed, with no hopes and insignificant.


A- This quotation expresses that there was no activity, no life, no movement and this is refering that nobody was alive because of the weather and environment.

B- This extract of the story means that the dog of this story was like “a dying traveller in search of water” because he was deshidrating, dying and desesperated because it was too hot.

C- He is decribing the horror of the shed and the creepy animal inside it.

D- In this one, he is also describing the odd and weird shed.

E- In the next quote, he is describing the reaction of the faces when the children saw ravi.

F- In the next extract, he describes the disappintment of Ravi.




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