Description of Mrs. Foster

We read «The Way Up To Heaven» in class and Pilar gave us the activity to make a description of Mrs. Foster.

This is my description about her:

Mrs. Foster, who was married to Mr. Foster, has been my friend for fifty three years from today. She is my best friend´s cousin. We first met when we were fifteen years old. I went to my cousin´s country house and there our relationship started.

Physically, this lady who is in her late sixties, is a woman of medium height. She has a short and light brown hair which makes her look pretty. Mrs. Foster, who has round face, has rosy lips as well. The woman has very beautiful brown eyes with large eyelashes.

The most important characteristic of her personality is her obsessiveness. In spite of the fact that she is nervous, she is also a kind person. She is a smart person, however, she is not a peaceful woman. This lady has a problem on arriving late at a place or missing an important event. When this happens, the muscle on her left eye starts twitching automatically.

The main thing that she likes to do is to visit her grandchildren in Paris and to spend time and have fun with them.

All in all, Mrs. Eugene Foster is a great person who was tortured by her husband all the time. He was always playing with her nerves and obsession of arriving late. One day, she found the opportunity to get rid of him so she took advantage of it and killed him.