E-portfolio – war poetry

The activity I liked and enjoyed the most was the first one we did, the war poetry presentations. Pat divided us into 5 groups, and each one of these had one poem to work on. My group worked with the poem “Soldier, rest”, while the other poems were “death”, “dulce et decorum est”, “futility” and “anthem to doomed youth”. Each group should work deeply on these poems, looking for literary devices, themes, tones, interpretations, context and message. After this, we should make a presentation putting in all the information we collected. Then, we dedicated 3-4 classes to teaching these poems. Each group would pass to explain the poem and present it, and after this, they would answer the questions and doubts of the rest of the class.

This is the activity:



        Talking about the activity, I found this work really helpful, as it made us learn in different ways. First of all, it allowed each group to learn from the others’ presentations, listening to diverse perspectives. Moreover, it allowed us to explain our own poem and presentation. This is also another way of learning as by explaining to another person, you also clear your own doubts and remember better what you are explaining. In addition, in the beginning, when we had to make the presentation, discussing in groups what to include and what to leave aside is really helpful. Finally, I personally prefer activities in group, as we can interact with others, instead of being on my own doing everything which sometimes turns quite boring.


         Referring to real life, this activity can really be seen in our day to day routine. Everyday, I discuss matters with my friends and family. I talk about recent news that appeared, football and other subjects, and everyone of them include debating and sharing opinions, as we did with my group when preparing the presentation. In addition, everyday I either explain something to someone or I am explained by someone. In the activity, first, you had to expose your presentation and then listen to others’ explanation. This is seen in our daily basis, as I always explain to someone either something I understand or something that happen to me and the other way round. The activity is present in my day to day routine, and helps me to improve my capacity to explain and listen to others’ which is main and essential for every human being.

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