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This are the artworks from which I inspired of to make my drawing.


The author is Cinta Vidal, who made both in 2018. The technique she uses in her works makes us see the world and place we live, combining everyday spaces and objects, often natural and inner dimensions. In many works, she uses natural structures to show tranquility and calmness. Finally, Vidal often does her works in a way that it can be seen straight or if we turn it around.

Firstly, I chose this drawing for it’s attractiveness. The first time I looked at it, I was fascinated for the way in which she connected every single part lf the drawing and how this one could be seen from different perspectives and sides. I also liked the fact that she included nature all along the painting, trying to transmit tranquility and calmness as it is shown by the people in it. Moreover, the fact that she included a dark background to emphasize the importance of nature, shown with lighter colors. Finally, from the second drawing I really liked the way she used perspective and bright and dark colors in the middle structure to show where light was coming from. I tried to do something similar to Vidal. First, I took what she did in the second drawing and drew a common base, using bright and dark colors to show where was light coming from. Then, I drew natural objects that would highlight and standout with the dark background, as Vidal did. Moreover, I did these trees, cactus and bushes from both sides of the base structure, in order for the drawing to be seen from both sides. Finally, I painted the natural structures with green and brown colors. I think I managed to apply her techniques, making the drawing to be seen from both sides and highlighting the importance of nature. I also managed to show the perspective of light. However, I think that I could have made the natural structures like the tree or the cactus better.

This is my drawing

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