Report – Natural disaster

This is the report I did with Ramiro Aizpiri about the Mexico Natural disaster



México suffers an 8.1 Earthquake


On the September the 9th and 19th of 2017, an 8.1 Earthquake stroke in the country of Mexico. The cities affected by this disaster were Mexico city, Morelos and Puebla state. 217 civilians were killed by this devastating catastrophe and and thousands of civilians suffered injuries or other hardships.

This earthquake was the most powerful one since the one that hit this same country in 1985, date of the anniversary of the 1985 tragedy. It stroke at a speed of 350km per hour, damaging and collapsing buildings and all sorts of structures or facilities, such us in Mexico City, who lost 40 of its buildings. Not only constructions suffered consequences, but also people, due to the casualties or the loss of houses.

After both strikes hit, streets were blocked and as a result people struggled to reached their homes. In other cases, they lost their houses and had no place to go. Companies and shops were destroyed, so most of the workers lost their jobs and therefore had no money left to maintain themselves. In fact, the US Geological Survey mentioned the following: “the economic impact was between US$1 Billion and US$10 billion”. As a consequence, the country’s economy and market decreased strongly and rapidly. Finally, 5 millions of civilians were still without power within the following week.

To conclude, due to the devastation caused by this earthquake, several victims lost. ot only their houses but also loved people. The government declares it was going to interfere. However, a neighbour of the Asuncion Ixtaltepec town yelled at Rios: “There were dead people, and nobody came”. Throughout this quote we can see that victims are claiming that officers did came but very late and in a very short amount of rescuers, so they had to try and save themselves by their own. They expect the state to take quicker actions to solve this chaos as soon as possible.

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