Biology Notes

These are my biology notes from August the 16th:


– Enzymes are all functional proteins.
They have only one function and are like a robot as they are always doing the same one.
– Amylades is an example of them and is found in saliva and in pancriatic juice.
It’s function is to break down the bonds in the molecules of starch.
– If a chemical ends qirh ase modt of the times it’s an enzyme.
– The chemicals which start with a name of other one it means that it’s the one in which they act on. For example amylase(it’s a protein because it ends on ase and it’s act on starch molecules because it starts with alm of “almidon”.
– What type of energy is found in the food we eat? Chemical energy.
– 100 grs of chocolate gives you more energy that 100 grs of apple as 1 gr of lipids gives you twice the amount of energy than 1 gr of carbohydrates.
– Balanced diet: Protein(growth/repair/energy), carbohydrates(energy), lipids(structural storage/energy), fibre/roughage, vitamins, minerals(calcium/potasium) and water.

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