Biology Note

These are my biology notes about August the 9th:

-Carbohydrates: Carbon-Hydrogen-Oxygen.
Monosaccharides. One sugar. Ex: Glucose.
Disaccharides. The storage is kept as sucrose.
Polysaccharides: In plants as starch and in animals as glycogen.
Storage of energy when they sre polysaccharides.
Body’s main sourfe of energy.

– Lipids: Carbon-Hydrogen-Oxygen.
One molecule of lipids gives you twice the amount of energy than one molecule of carbohydrates. Two types: Oils(are liquid and come from plants) and Fats(Are solid and come from animals).
– Proteins: Carbon-Hydrogen-Oxygen-Nitrogen-(Sulfure)
Are made of lon chains of smaller moleculles called amino acids.
Some of them are soluble in water(haemoglobin) and some are insoluble in water(keratin).
Many of the proteins obtained are used for making new cells and these ones are needed for growing, repairing.
Are needed to make antibodies(help to kill bacteria and viruses inside the body).
Plasma proteins are madr to keep liquid inside the body.

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