States of matter basics

In our last Biology class, we tried to change the phases of water, using this simulator

The gases, liquids and solids are all made of molecules, atoms and sometimes ions, however, their particles have different behaviours which vary and can be arranged into three phases.

Gases: This state is present when the boiling point(100 Cº) is reached and water starts evaporating. The water molecules start to separate and spread, always moving.

Liquids: This state is present when water is at a warm and normal temperature, this means, that is neither hot or cold. The water molecules, although they aren’t neither all spread nor all closely together, have the force to be relatively close.

Solids: This state is present when water is in a cold temperature. The water molecules are closely packed together, in a fix and constant position. They are not able to move from place, although their is a very thin space between them.