Dialogue Writing

This is my dialogue of the Language Test of 24/8.

Me- Hello Mr. Randall, how are you?

Randall- Hi, fine and you?

Me- Very good! How have you been doing at work? Is it all fine?

Randall- I love this new job. I’ve never had a better job. In fact, we are carrying out a new project that really excites me.

Me- Good news! When did you start?

Randall- Last week, on Monday. We were doing our daily work when suddenly Tom Hart, the other headteacher, gave us the idea.

Me- Had somebody helped him with this idea or did it come suddenly yo his mind?

Randall- He had been talking with an employee about this and this employee, Harry Walcott, told him about the idea of a project to recycle and help nature.

Me- When will you be finishing it?

Randall- I don’t know exactly. We will be finishing more or less in an year and a half. However, I’m sure that we will have already finished it in two years.

Me- In two years? So, in two years, I will go to the school to see the advances that you will have done.

Randall- Fair enough!

Me- Is the school going to invest on the project?

Randall- No, we are not. This project helps the environment without spending money.

Me- What does it consist of?

Randall- This project is in the students’ hands. The idea is that they organize what they drink or eat in different boxes so that it is easier for us to throw it afterwards.

Me- Excellent idea! To end this interview, what’s the name of this project?

Randall- The name is: «Green is always better».

Me- Thank you Randall! See you.

Randall- You are welcome, see you!

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