Writing – Christian the Lion

This is a story about Christian´s point of view of the story.

I was sitting and sleeping in the grass very calmly and lonely when two men entered in the cage and bought me for five dollars. I was very happy to left that horrible place.

Years passed by and in time we started being better friends. Every time they came back home I jumped over them. I really loved these men, they were the best men I had been friend of. After a couple of years, they had to move me to a bigger place because I was too huge for the house.

After some time, I wasn´t kept in that place so I was taken to Africa. I felt that my heart had broken. I was separated from my best friends. I couldn´t believe it.

After a year in Africa, they came to visit me. The guy who was with us, told them that I wouldn´t recognize them. Finally, I surprised them when I recognized them. One day later, they left again.

Two years later, they came back again when I have already had a family. I recognized them but I had my own purposes and willings for life so I was interested in other things. The next day, I moved with my family to another place. It was the end of and era…


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