My best Friendship

This writing is divided into two titles, this is the first one:

Now i´m going to talk about my best friendship ever:

His name is Martín Barletta and he has one sister. I´ve chosen him because I think he has taken part in a good part of my life. We shared a lot of time in Las Cumbres.

Our friendship started in kinder five. I think that one of the things that I will never forget is that when we were in Kinder 5 he made this question all the time to me: «What´s your name?».

I think that the reason of our large friendship is because of our sisters, who had also been classmates and friends.

I´ve shared a lot of experiences with him like when we had to do things in pairs and we instantly looked each of us.

The thing I like most from him is his generosity and his ability to listen to his friends. Sadly, he is starting secondary school in Paideia, as his sister did. Hopefully, we will continue seeing each other outside school.

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