My best friendship ever

This writing is separated into two tittles. This is the second tittle or part:

8 of March of 2016

Hi kid,

I hope some day you read this letter about the importance of friendship and the different kinds of friendship.

I will start telling you about my best friendship and my schoolmates. You have to know that you will have little conflicts and discussions with your classmates but these fights among you are always solved. To try always to finish these conflicts, makes you a better friend.

Now, I don´t have any bad friendship. Obviously, I have my best friends and my friends, because it doesn´t mean that all have to be your closest. I don´t have and bad relationship because I generally try to fix my problems with them and I think that, in the future, this will be good and necessary for your childhood.

This letter is written with the purpose of giving you a suggestion for the future. I recommend you to be generous, patient, try to always fix conflicts and mainly, be a good friend.

Your future dad, Matías Ripoll.


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