Interview Michael Morphugo

This is the interview I´ve made with Michael Morphugo as the interviewee.

-Hi Michael.


-What did you inspire to do a book about a horse?

– I inspired with a horse because is my favorite animal.

-Had you had contact with horse, before writing this book?

– Yes I had.

– Which is your favorite scene in the book?

– When Joey and the boy meet.

– Do yo like Spielberg´s books?

-Yes, I´m a big fan of him.

-Where did you get your ideas from?

-From places, people and stories I´ve heard.

-Why did you write about war?

-Because I grew up after the WW2 and this affected me so I thought I had to do it, and I also wanted to show the universal suffering of war.

-Why did you decide to write War Horse from and Animal´s point of view?

-Because many books have been written from a human being´s point of view so I decided to do it from a neutral position so a horse would be perfect.

-War Horse has moved many people. Have you ever cried watching it or any of your films?

-Yes, many times. But, the play changes according to the time you are going through.

-Thank you very much! It was nice to meet you.

-It was a pleasure for me too!

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