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Ramiro Aizpiri and Matías Ripoll

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                 First Essay Writing


Essay Question: Explore how Blake tackles the theme of love in his poem “The Clod and the Pebble”


William Blake treats the theme of love in this poem showing two totally different points of view about love.

The first point of view he shows is the Clod´s opinion. The Clod explains that love is positive and joy. We can clearly see this when he says: “Love seeketh not itself to please”. Also he is innocent. Blake in the first stanza use hyperbolic language and symbolism when he expresses: “And builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair”. This means that something bad, like hell, can turn totally to their opposite, like heaven. We can see that William Blake uses Hyperbolic language because he uses to express love two extremes, like hell and heaven. Throughout these metaphors we can understand the clod´s thoughts about love.

           The second point of view he shows is the Pebble’s view. The Pebble explains that love is negative, evil and suffering. We get to realize that he is experienced and shows individualism. We can see it when he says: “ Love seeketh only self to please”. In the third stanza  he uses hyperbolic language and symbolism as well, when he tells:” And builds a hell in heaven’s despite”. This means, that something very positive and good, like heaven, can change to their main opposite, hell. Throughout this metaphors we can see the pebble’s thoughts about love.

           In conclusion William Blake deals with the theme of love giving personification to two objects that show their different opinions about love.

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