The Clod and the Pebble – Romantic poem

For the next class of Literature, Tuesday 29th we have to find and show evidence of the romantic characteristics that appear in «The Clod and the Pebble».

This is what I´ve found:

1- Imagination: This one is the main one because this poem is based in the imagination of William Blake. He makes a Clod and a Pebble talk and express their feelings. You need to have a big imagination to think about this at the moment you are thinking how are you going to explain what is love and their points of view.

2- Emotion: Obviously, in this poem it appears emotion. He shows emotion when you read it. When he talks about that love is good and positive he uses a lot of emotion to explain it. For example in this part of the first stanza he shows emotion: » But for another gives its ease, and builds a Heaven in hell´s despair».

3-Nature: Their is nature. Because their is personification when the Clod and the Pebble talk and give their opinions. This it is shown in the second stanza when the protagonists are introduced.

4- Passion: Their is passion when the Clod speaks and tells that love is excellent it makes you feel happy if the others are happy. This shows you that he is very passionated with love.

5- Symbolism: It is symbolism when the character uses a Clod and a Pebble as the main characters. Symbolism appears when you look at the meaning of the word and compare it with the meaning that is connected with the poem. For example: A Pebble is solid and not flexible, this means that doesn´t change his opinion. A clod is kneadable.

6- Supernatural: Usually, in poems there is always things that are supernatural. In this one their are many. Some examples are: The protagonists are objects which talk. They said that love can make a heaven a hell or vice versa.

Their are six romantic characteristic. As we can se this is a very romantic poem.

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